Lil Mark











Lil’ Mark needs minimal introduction these days. Twenty years Dj’ing experience and just over a decade of production-remixing work would explain this. Lists of production and remix work can be found with a small amount of research

and his works have been found on well regarded labels including the prolific ‘Classic’. He has also worked along side some prestigious artist’s like Justin Harris, Rob Mello and Matt styles.

Marks unique style of production has caught many ears over the span of his career including Villalobos, Sneak, Carter, Farina & Hawtin etc etc. Some of whom included his works on very popular worldwide compilations.

Brief interruptions in Marks work have been evident with reason but maybe a new beginning with a different outlook will help hold his well respected underground status even in a flooded digital market.

Dj’ing comes naturally to Mark according to Justin Harris who also quoted him as being the most underrated Dj he knows.

Somone who can break regularly and keep coming back in the underground market has to have some kind of cult following.

Thats’ Lil’ Mark.

Is he back again?


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