Homecoming Music & H2o Club WMC 2012 Showcase


This year Belgian underground label Homecoming Music & legendary H2O Club are teaming up to bring you an exclusive Showcase during WMC 2012

This height-hour party will run from 12am to 8pm on Friday, march 23rd at the Carlton Hotel, situated on famous Collins Avenue, Miami.
The poolside party will feature some of the hottests artists who have highlighted the label in 2011 and 2012 during an outstanding afternoon of underground house music.




Line up :
Diz (Iz&Diz, Classic)
DJ Sneak (Magnetic)
Phil Weeks (Robsoul)
Djebali (Freak’n’chic – Paris)
Ultrasone (Hot Creations, Supplement Facts)
Massimo DaCosta (Homecoming Music, H2o Club)
Cimai aka Those French Slackers (Homecoming, H2o Club)
Homero Espinosa (Yerba Buena Discos)

Limited Capacity …email for rsvp your free entrance : wmc2012@homecoming-music.com

Facebook Event Page

Carlton Hotel is Located at 1433 Collins Ave., it’s intimate venue where you’ll want to dance, relax or take a dive in the deep end of the pool…

See you there.

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