HM018 : Vernon&DaCosta feat. Red Eye  – You So Crazy remixes feat. Rob Mello, Vernon Bara, Alex Noto & Fernando Costantini remixes OUT SOON !

HM017 : Inland Knights – The Money EP feat. Djebali remixes OUT SOON !

HM016 : Alex Noto & Fernando Costantini vs Jazzy Demon & Isam feat. I:Dust – Belgian Rookies EP

HM015 : Lil Mark feat. Mickey Velazquez – Dirty Hot feat. Justin Harris remixes 

HM014 : Vernon&DaCosta feat. Red Eye – You So Crazy feat. Giom, Daniel Kampf remixes 

HM013 : Alex Kaddour & Adrian Rodriguez – Deep bus EP feat. Vernon&DaCosta, Freaky Behaviour’s remixes

HM012 : Vernon&DaCosta – Wanna Soul EP feat. DJ Sneak & Yakine remixes

HM011 : Tripmastaz – Time Prolonger EP feat. Timid Boy remix

HM010 : Vernon – Lightish EP

HM009 : Iz&diz – Down 4 U feat. Nathan G, Tripmastaz, Vernon&DaCosta’s remixes

HM008 : Vernon&DaCosta feat. Corrina Joseph – All for one remixes pt2

HM007 : V/A – Belgian Fallen Sampler

HM006 : Vernon&DaCosta feat. Corrina Joseph – All for one feat. Chris Carrier & Arnaud Letexier remixes

HM005 : Those French Slacker – On’n’On EP feat. Mirco Violi remix

HM004 : Vernon&DaCosta – remixed beats vol.1

HM003 : Vernon&DaCosta feat. Sanja – Northern Light feat. Phil Weeks & André Crom remixes

HM002 : Vernon&Igor – Fa Can Vulo feat. Vernon&DaCosta’s remix

HM001 : Vernon&DaCosta – High Wire EP

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