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NEW RELEASE : DJ W!ld – Belgicana EP



After a strong EP from Chris Carrier (HM020) Homecoming Music is delighted to welcome another brightest star of the underground Parisian house scene : DJ W!ld.W!ld has established himself among the elite of a new generation of tech-house producers. With solid soul and disco samples combined with more influenced Chicago elements, this  stellar three-tracker features slick production and tight drum programming.  Some of this tunes are already causing some serious dancefloor damages to his Circo Loco residency in Ibiza.Wildstyle all around !



DJ T (Get Physical)
will download.rthank you for good music!

Kiko Navarro
good ep! thanks will play it

Reboot (Cadenza)
belicana is my fav !  

ALL good – Thanks. 

Seth Troxler (Visionquest)
Downloaded for Seth Troxler, thank you. 

davide squillace (This and That)

Varoslav (Rue de Plaisance -rootz-Supplement Facts)
solid ep ! nice trx to play.my fav are “mrkwizz ” and baraka

Butch (Bouq)
dope ep

Michel Cleis (Cadenza)
belgicana is cool

LUCIANO (Cadenza)

Shur-i-kan (Freerange)
Nice package – MRK Wizz is cool

Justin Harris (Freaks, MFF)
very nice ep – all trax have a place with me :))

missNoa (Kiosk Club)
“Baraka” sent trop bon l’été 😉

Kolombo (Kompakt, Noir Music)
Belgicana is DOPE! Full support!

Mikey V. (HAWT Music, LA)
Belgicana is the JAM! MRK Wizzz is dope too great EP

Manuel Sahagun (Drop Music, Candy Music, Kolour, MoS, DJ-Kicks, etc)
MRK Wizzz for me, summer vi! be!

cool eprtx

Arnaud Le Texier (Safari Electronic)
Super groovy cette release 😉

Joshua Heath (Golden State, Lost My Dog)
Belgicana rides the line between funky and spooky, cool for sure. 

Inland Knights (Drop Music)
love belgicana

Dubfire (Sci+Tec)

Miss Mee (Patsada, Robsoul)
All good!

Massimo Girardi (Memoria Rec – Aella Music)
ACE! like em all 3, thx M.

Catz n Dogz aka 3 channels (Mothership / Get Physical)
first and last track for me 🙂 thanks

DJ W!LD (Catwash,W,Circoloco,cocoon)

De:Bug (De:Bug)
considering for review

Huggy Anton (Heart&Soul, Homecoming muisc)
Belgicana & Mrk WIZZ are NICE! will Play it!

Alex Kaddour
Great ep! my fav is Belgicana, but all mixes work 🙂 thxx for the music! .

Pedro Mercado (Factomania, Gold, Rotationz, Ko! ndo Beac h,…)
I like the ethnical influences in Baraka, will try!

Nicc Johnson (Pacha Ibiza Funky room)
testing this week. cheers. MRK WIZZ seems to be the business

Toka Project (Drop Music)
mrk wizzz is cool…will play

Tripmastaz (Plant 74, Magnetic, Be As One)
nice ones.

Isam Isam (Homecoming Music, Pac Pac – Bxl)
niiiice ep thxx,belgicana and MRK wizzz are my fav ;-))

Damien Bailey Special Interest (Special Interest, UK)
Awesome!I’m loving all 3 trax.

Murray Richardson
cracking stuff – gonna smash these trax in brazil this w/end

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
download for r hawtin

Mainro (AIC/ Straight Music / Family NAME)
Thx for music, lo! ve downtempo & disco sounds of Belgicana 

Nico Lahs (Ovum/Poker Flat)
great tracks! full support.

Danny Tenaglia

Jazzy Demon (Wax Club, homecoming)
THE SUMMER BOMBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giom (Lost My Dog, Om Records)
Nice, Belgicana is ace

Todd RA (Resident Advisor)

Cimai (H2o)
Nice Ep !! Belgicana is my fav 

Jason Hodges
im rockin it

Pao (AIC,Straight Music,Family NAME,Love Not Money)
wow!! Nice EP,Belgicana is great,so groovy & funky !rWill play,thanks

Sonny Fodera

Demarkus Lewis (Grin Music/Kingstreet/Slip N Slide)
SLOWWWW DOWWNNNN DJ Wild cause ur on Fire!! love MRK Wizz

Hec! tor Moralez (Minority Music, The Factory, Fries&Bridges)dig al l 3

Boris Werner (Moonharbour, Soweso, Catwash)
Mrk Wizz for me!!

Freaky Behaviour 
Great EP. DJ Wild showing another side. Full support

Samet Vicil (Unreleased)
damn ep

W!ld is a beast! Very versatile…Belgicana is a great Summertime jam.

Rees Urban (5 Magazine, Smartbar)
Belgicana is nice…love the groove there!

nice groove for all tracks, into MRK Wizz, will play 

Anhanguera (Robsoul, Tango, Guesthouse)
Great stuff from W!ld and Homecoming again. Belgicana is sick! Loving it!

Mirco Violi (Safari / OFF)
MRK Wizz is great

Nacho Marco (Loudeast, Om, Freerange, Pacha)
Full support. Loving “belgicana” and “MRK Wizz” !

Julian M. ! (Catwash, Homecoming)
Bomb EP !!!! Full Support !

Catastrophic (A&R of Tunnel FM)
MRK Wizzz is really cool, will support on Tunnel FM! Thanks 🙂

Dave Allison (Kinjo Music)
nice package here- Belgican is my fav nice work!

Peckos (Lost my dog)
Baraka is cool!